About Us

IntelliFin Solutions Limited, is a privately held registered company in Nigeria, offering advanced and cost effective solutions and services to the Finance Sector in fast growing market of Nigeria.

Our Services

<strong>Mobile Payments</strong>
Mobile Payments
smartPAY provides a compelling combination of flexibility, portability and comprehensive security, all at a Lower price than the traditional POS
<strong>New Generation Banking</strong>
New Generation Banking
miMONEY enables customers to perform a variety of financial transactions from their mobile devices like mobile payments to merchants, bill payments, recharge of prepaid mobile accounts, payments for utility or other services , receive salaries, recei...
<strong>Terminal Support</strong>
Terminal Support
IntelliFin is a Payment Terminal Service Provider (PTSP) licensed by the Central Bank to provide Payment Terminal Services to Nigerian Banks. The License requires IntelliFin to deploy, support and maintain PoS terminals at merchant locations on behal...
<strong>VAS Development</strong>
VAS Development
IntelliFin provides web & mobile payment application development using latest technologies, tailored for your business needs, please write to info@intellifin.com.ng with your requirements for a free quote.  

Our Products

At IntelliFin, we recognize the fundamental Success “Mantras” – Responsiveness, Accuracy and timely delivery making us a distinct Service Provider in the competitive Nigerian Market. We are organized to target and handle small enterprenual setups to Enterprise or large institutions in a cost Effective manner. Our Internal processes are based on global industry standards and best practices, which allow us to compete well within our business sphere.

Key Management

Gopal Bisht</br> <strong>Executive Director</strong>
Gopal Bisht is a shareholder and Executive Director at  Inte...
Gopal Bisht
Executive Director
Ighedo Charles</br> <strong>CEO</strong>
Ighedo Charles is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Intel...
Ighedo Charles
Oliver Egbutu  </br> <strong>Head – Mobile Money </strong>
Oliver Egbutu is a seasoned professional with 15 years indus...
Oliver Egbutu
Head – Mobile Money