Mobile Payments

Now, accept card payments in few easy steps using mPOS

Step 1: Quick Sale

Merchant swipes, Inserts or taps a card to initiate payment

Step 2 : Enter the amount

Merchant enters payment amount

 Step 3: Enter PIN 

Customer enters the PIN to confirm the purchase

 Step 4. Receipt

Receipt is received by merchant & customer through email & sms

What is mPOS?

As technology continues to revolutionize the way business is conducted globally, payment mechanisms too, have undergone major changes with cards (Credit & Debit) & mobile payments gradually replacing cash in consumer wallets.

Globally merchants accept payments via various types of cards (Credit / Debit / Gift / Prepaid) using traditional POS terminals, where the card is swiped to trigger a payment transaction with the acquiring bank. These terminals also enable merchants to run end of day batches, to settle the transactions with their banker.

Though, such POS terminals are omnipresent in developed markets, their penetration in emerging markets has been low, due to cost of the terminals and the associated infrastructure required.

This has led to an imbalance in most emerging markets, between the number of cards issued, versus the number of merchants who accept cards as a means of payment. As a result card usage has remained low & cash still remains the primary means to pay!

A smart phone, combined with a Mobile POS (mPOS) application & an external card reader (attached to and Android phone via its headphone jack, Micro USB or through Bluetooth interface), turns the Android mobile phone into a Point of Sale terminal (Android POS).

This solution enables merchants to accept card payments via the mPOS, in same way as traditional Point of Sale terminals, at a fraction of their cost, with convenience of full mobility (Anytime, Anywhere)!


  • Multiple Card readers supported: magnetic stripe only (MSR), MSR + PIN, EMV (Chip & PIN)
  • Simple & secure web based merchant registration & activation process
  • Customized receipts on: email, SMS & print (via optional Bluetooth Printer)
  • Real-time management of transactions, refunds and reports, via Merchant m-App software & Merchant Web & Mobile Portal
  • Support all card types: credit, debit, gift & prepaid; Master Card and Visa
  • Card processor independent, mobile network independent, device independent