Oliver Egbutu
Head – Mobile Money

Mr Oliver Egbutu

Oliver Egbutu is a seasoned professional with 15 years industry experience of which 12 of it was in the telecom industry where he worked in several unit ranging from IT, Technical, VAS, Marketing, Customer Service and Revenue Management. Within this period, he gained profound understanding of the operational/Managerial requirements of the units/depts. with major emphasis on Mobile Payment /M-commerce.

With respect to mobile payment /M-commerce while working as a vendor, he managed several operations staffs across the operational countries (Opco’s) from the HUB and also as an operator (Telco), He managed the mobile money operations for the Telco as well as managed the vendors.

After that he went into a partnership where he consulted in the area of mobile financial services. He also assisted in the regulatory licensing for Mobile Financial Services Operation of a leading commercial Bank in Nigeria.

He currently heads the Mobile Financial Services unit of Intellifin Solutions Limited. He is a dedicated team player with excellent relational abilities and can direct an organization in the visioning of business strategy and execution of aggressive project plans to achieve company objectives.

He attended University of Lagos Akoka and later attended Lagos State University Ojo.